Survey Shows Businesses Keen to Get Best Deal For Their Postal Services

A survey carried out by the UK regulator for postal services, Postcomm, has suggested that, while people in the UK are happy on the whole with the quality of their parcel and postal services and the prices they are paying for them, it will only take a relatively modest price rise to prompt them to seriously consider switching to alternative providers.

A rise of five per cent in the cost of sending a parcel or letter would be enough to prompt nearly a third of people to look at alternative delivery companies, while if post prices were to rise by 10 per cent or more, more than half of those questioned (54 per cent) said they would investigate services offered by other courier companies.

While everyone is aware of Royal Mail, privately-run rivals are also enjoying more widespread recognition, with the likes of TNT Post UK, DHL Global Mail (UK) and UK Mail all among the names which people who responded to the survey recognised.

Ipsos MORI polled a wide range of people, from householders to people involved in managing enterprises from small businesses to large, multi-national corporations.

The data was collected at around the time the UK Post Office was publicising the effects of increased use of the internet on its letters business, and as the UK was still in recession.

It was gathered from two distinct sets of mail customers: residential customers and small and medium-sized companies - with a total of more than 1,600 respondents - and a sample of more than 800 larger companies whose mail budgets were more than £5,000 a year.

There was little to choose between the scores the Royal Mail gained from business users and those of its rivals in the mail delivery sector when it came to marking business users' levels of satisfaction with the service they were being given.

When Royal Mail was getting things right, customers were happy to acknowledge this, but there was far less satisfaction with the way in which it dealt with complaints, or handled issues of mis-delivered, damaged, lost or delayed mail. Many aspects of the service given at these times was rated as below average.



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